Cyclid, a new product that automates software processes, needed a logo for its launch. We were asked to create a brand that reflected the nature of the product: Cyclid works hard on the routine jobs in the background, allowing developers to concentrate on other tasks, and makes testing and packaging software easier. And, excitingly, the brief was that the logo should include an animal character that could be used on anything from tshirts to pens so that the product could be promoted at conferences.

We researched hard working animals and began sketching characters such as oxen and shire horses. After several iterations of the logo we, along with Cyclid, decided a bee would best represent the product. 

‘Busy as a bee' is a phrase used since Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to describe someone hard-working, or ‘industry’. In the industrial revolution, Manchester adopted the bee as a symbol of its industry, and to this day the U.S. state of Utah is often called the Beehive State: its motto is ‘Industry’, and it has a beehive on it’s flag.

Cyclid is the worker bee, the steady hum of work cycling in the background, allowing users to concentrate on other tasks.

The geometric shapes of the bee illustration reflect the hexagonal shapes seen in beehives. The illustration could be used anywhere, and would be instantly recognisable as the Cyclid Bee. The font was chosen (and then customised) because its ‘c’ and ‘d’ are built using circles - reflecting the cyclicle nature of Cyclid.