Unilever Foundry

Unilever Foundry asked us to design and organise the printing of a showcase publication for The Foundry 50 event at Lions Innovation, Cannes, in June 2015.

Specs were up to us, as long as we stayed within budget. The challenge was to design something eye-catching, easy to thumb through, relatively hardy, and reflecting The Unilever Foundry’s new branding. Timescales were short and a lot of project management was required to source all the information for the publication. We needed to translate all this information into an easy to digest and visually appealing format that attendees would want to take away.

The end result was a wirobound A5 landscape book with a matt laminate coating on the outer cover to protect it (and look lovely). We used colour coding to tie areas together and to reflect their new website and branding. Turnover needed to be quick and everything needed to be smoothly managed to ensure delivery before the event.